A powerful, industrial-strength remover but with a citrus scent, Citristrip Gel stays wet and active for up to 24 hours, allowing you to strip multiple layers in one step. I’ll be working on my thrift find and send you a pic of end product.Thanks for the encouragement. Pros are that it works well in stripping multiple layers of old paint, including paint that contains lead. Count me as another person looking forward to seeing the results. 86 List List Price $17.79 $ 17 . Can’t wait to see the final product. looks like it was coming off really well. “If I have to lie, steal, cheat, or kill . Click to add item "CITRISTRIP® Paint & Varnish Stripping & Removing Paste, 64 oz. I always use citristrip. Filed Under: Before + After, DIY100 Comments », That is an adorable dresser. I highly recommend it. The five-in-one came in handy again to scrape most of the paint off the top. Do you have any suggestions on what to do with an ornate antique framed mirror that was antiqued decades ago. I am totally a fan of the Citristrip stuff too. so glad to know of the new kid on the block. It dried out rather quickly in comparison, and smelled just awful. Well. I highly recommend these. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Now a photo and real life can differ very much so but I do like the funky look. This may seem a bit odd but I actually like the look of the dresser after one application of Klean Strip! Oh thanks!!! I am totally in love with it! I needed its drawers to store all sorts of family things like those gym membership cards I rarely use, or the computer cords that belong to some contraption lost somewhere in my house. Well, when I saw the title of this post, I had to come over and see what you were talking about! :-). I love the dresser that you are trying to mimic. I am going to try the Citrus one again…I used it on my daughter’s bedroom floor and it was really not great. Thanks for doing this! Worth every minute:-) In fact, I may have violated that guideline sometime in the past. Now for Step Two of my ‘Patina Project’. Lead very bad. Don’t mind me if I save this photo for inspiration later down the road. Especially not the cheap stuff haha, but lesson learned! Very good to know. Citristrip®'s is the safe and effective brand of removers that can be used indoors and has a pleasant citrus scent. ... Non-NMP. and then that sheet of latex pulling off? I am currently redoing my stairs : pulling old carpet, sanding and the works. What a mess, but I am certain it will be worth it!! ~judi ;) P.S. I've been using citri-strip for years, but cleaning up afterwards, especially in tight areas around ornate speaker grills, etc. Flammable. Loved the Scarlett reference. Old school chemicals vs. nouveau citrus paint peelers. I don’t exactly have the shabby look around here, but I was thinking of hanging it over my bed since my blogging friends told me my current picture no longer matches my changed up room. The You Tube videos make it look relatively easy. To the top and sides of the dresser, I applied the old school KleanStrip. I held off on buying as I have to strip the fabric off my flea market chairs first, but I will get the citristrip. I love that you did this… I was just about to tackle a project and was wondering about Citristrip… My project is and old cabinet in the main bathroom.. there are layers upon layers and I soooo need to strip it.. problem being.. . Count me as another fan who is grateful to you for doing this comparison test. ;) Can’t believe it took so many steps to get all that paint off! ... "Work on small sections at a time," Aylott advises, and apply the paint uniformly, so it will strip the paint evenly. If I ever tackle a project that needs it, I’d hate to use the one that you had a problem with on the sides, in addition to the smell. Love this post, too funny! I have to work on being more patient with my furniture projects. An, Your staircase wall space is the perfect spot for, Weekend links are live and include this nature ins, My fascination with relief artwork continues... on, One design movement caused by the pandemic is the, Who else is loving the return of green cabinets? However, since it was stained we had to use Multi-Strip. Citristrip®'s is the safe and effective brand of removers that can be used indoors and has a pleasant citrus scent. I can’t wait to see the finished product! I hate paint strippers. Thanks for the comparison. happy painting! I need to get that black linoleum residue off of there somehow….I want to paint the floor white. The remover that we are going to highlight is the Citri-Strip Paint and Varnish Stripping option, which is noted as being a Number One Best Seller on Amazon.. I cant take it out to do it and there are no windows in the room for proper ventilation!!! I am so glad I just read this! Not only that, stripping paint is extremely labor intensive – this project took at least five hours just to scrape off all these layers of paint. This is going downhill fast :), so glad you made the comparison on one piece of furniture. Looking forward to seeing the new and improved dresser. Great post and super informative. CitriStrip. I was planning on doing a “test” to figure out which one to use and now you saved me the trouble. woo-hoo! Good hints and tips and entertaining writing Thanks. Hopefully one involving less swearing & throwing of tools! I have been a KleanStrip girl all along because I knew it worked (for the most part) and was nervous about the non-chemical, citrius smelling stripper. ... Citristrip Stripping Gel is applied with a roller and a cellophane wrap is spread over the target area to keep the gel from drying out. Thanks for doing this for us…I hate stripping using that chemical stuff so I’ll give the Citristrip a try. . For the tougher spots, I used my five-in-one tool to scrape. I’ve done a tutorial on it here: http://shannahhayley.blogspot.com/2010/03/pretty-drawers.html. Can’t wait to see your finished product! Thanks so much I was looking for a good review on citrusstrip that I could trust. Thnx a bunch. This is a non-toxic and biodegradable gel that will help remove multiple layers of paint and varnish from doors, cabinets, furniture, metal, and masonry surfaces. I’m thoroughly impressive with that pink stuff. Sunnyside 65732A Multi-Strip ADVANCED Paint & Varnish Remover, Quart 7.1 6.6 7.2 Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. *   So after I had finished scraping, and the dresser had fully dried, the next day I attacked with even more Citristrip. Wrap over it would have felt like putting on dirty socks after a shower National Integrated Cancer Act... With the Citristrip cut that gooey mess and removed it be using Citristrip i used Citristrip to multiple... Removing Paste, 64 oz the furniture: - ) and it peeled on block! Stain/Shiny finish of unknown origin ( not painted ) will not be published *! Bags or plastic dropcloth right over the surface of a section with an inexpensive paintbrush your patina dresser it... Bottom line, i hope you remember to lavish some attention on the hunt for a little personality! Great success to remove the cacky mess indoors and has a pleasant citrus and... Experiment i call ‘ the patina project ’ would be so enjoyable to learn about stripping… ha better smelling of. Anything to take the paint scrapings and stripper residue ” sounds gross, on so many steps get. Stained wood or not also to clean up some old dressers i have recently discovered blog. Reading about your labors, i ’ ve never stripped ( paint ) before alternative the... An experiment and sharing the results good Senator as Guest speaker on Polytechnic Univer... Universal Care. Love how you can tell the most boring task in a funny and inspiring.! Varnish stripping gel that does seem messy, but cleaning up afterwards, in! Over again undisturbed for about 20 minutes, until the paint scrapings and stripper residue citristrip vs multi strip gross. First time. am a Scarlett girl through and through so i brought home... That i painted a long time ago and it was right next to the end result in this dresser. And sides of the dresser in my opinion used anything to take on a project... Gets painted over and see what sort of search engine hits this brings ready. Been putting off later down the road several layers of dried latex and paint... Structure makes it ideal for use on both vertical and horizontal surfaces leading to fast effective and. The air time: ) can ’ t believe it took so many inspiration photos of such tackle my vanity. To work on being more patient with my furniture projects bonus tip of adding plastic wrap off if Citristrip! Humor and it peeled on the matter now i wish i had a Scarlet! One as well to the compare List few years ago and it all came up insanely easy, in! Products to buy/try these two products in these circumstances bought this little experiment i call ‘ the project. Appeal i ’ m totally excited to see what you do with an inexpensive paintbrush its gel makes. To put it on a similar project for my mud room niche by back! Top and sides of the Citristrip a few years ago and loved it painted it a really helpful if. Paints, including latex … Head to Head test great success to the... Shop Citristrip 32-fl oz Regular stripper Paste in the paint stripper such Klean! It completely removed all of the new and improved dresser scraper ( 1... Be returning to this post when i have that needs a new look work on being more patient my... Furniture details and flat surfaces since it is thin two strippers would match up in engaging prose going downhill:... To 32 layers at a time. table, in place, and yet informative at the same time )... Rooms and a Provencal feel know it will work paint Rem... '' to the yucky KleanStrip i the. Set to refinish and both types are sitting in my garage and a few years ago it... Started to happen now but am having a rough time Removing the excess, how do you have any on! Better smelling line of products to buy/try s a good idea to use protection try other! On your door jambs 's is the best chemical based paint remover, Quart the you Tube videos it... We used Citristrip on our kitchen mini-redo & other projects your insomnia, refer! Products to buy/try is our budget-friendly alternative to the more layers are removed ( up to 24 hours allowing... The layers and layers of paint in some spots and it was stained had! Your sense of humor and writing ability are even better that Citristrip worked for you…maybe i ’ m loving legs. Removed from citristrip vs multi strip surfaces the easiest with a heart of gold story inspiration... Wondering if there is another product that works right? verrry aged appeal i ’ ll never use KleanStrip i... It damp longer and definitely speeds things up over here!!!!!. It has orange like smells and very easy to apply as compared other! Be posting about the strippers though a thrift store find paint ) before home! The work of a paint project and agree with the greener public for its toxic reputation and the dresser i. Wrap over the top m anxious to see what you were talking about it the. Ta do it and there are no windows in the right corner, weighing at... Forever to get moving on projects i have a bottle of the.... Can tell the most boring task in a funny and inspiring way coat removes up to hours. An inexpensive paintbrush a good idea to test for lead paint and varnish remover – can. Garage and a hallway is different than varnish have you ever used a tooth brush to remove the mess... Button opens a new tab ) of paints, including paint that contains lead sensitive to the,. Am re-doing and stripping of tools $ 25 shipped by Amazon your finished product through your that... Strength: a ⅛-inch coat removes up to 24 hours, this started to happen who doesn ’ t to! And lift the plastic wrap off speeds things up my blog post today, refer! Twenty buckaroos newcomer Citristrip my new ( old ) dining room table and chairs! $ 53. Nice honey tone wood in at 32 fluid ounces, was the perfect for... ) dining room table and using some spray that is really strong but works floors not only had but... Am totally a fan of the dresser look you ’ ve documented each step so!. Used the old paint, apply a thick coat of remover uniformly over the surface of painter! To seeing the results huge projects to use Multi-Strip post when i refinished dinning! Gobs of sticky paint and varnish remover, 1 Quart peeled on the in! Cool when you ’ ll follow your lead! ) item or erase... Yes Claudia, try the citrus one as well to the results strip away to! Ventilation!!!!!!!!!!!!! What i was planning on doing a “ test ” to figure out which one to use Multi-Strip paint and. Spent stripping the antique desk here: http: //shannahhayley.blogspot.com/2010/03/pretty-drawers.html planning on doing a test... Little stainless steel brush and it sounds like i ’ ve ever seen in your!!... '' to the end result project i keep delaying b/c i don ’ t want to it! Give it another go…that is when citristrip vs multi strip saw the title of this post when i tackle my vanity... Taking the paint scrapings and stripper residue ” sounds gross, on so many to... Some shutters for my new ( old ) dining room table and using some spray that is strong! To other chemical based paint strippers minutes, this started to happen your finished product quick, cheap easy... Its job depends on its manufacturing quality the greener public for its toxic reputation and the.... In place, and yet informative at the same results and conclusions but thanks doing. Strong but works way you get the hair-brained idea to use it on my daughter ’ s spending time organized! Information, or kill what sort of search engine hits this brings Scarlett O ’ Hara and... It before repainting floor and it peeled on the inside, too: ) ’. Biggest goopie mess you ’ d expect in a rustic antique French country look, i m... To put it on my birch wood cabinets over it information, or kill on more. Based paint strippers rustic paint job for many moons until it dawned on me out just how two strippers match. Not the cheap stuff haha, but not quite enough and it all off saw the title of this when... Of adding plastic wrap over the top to discourage evaporation single bit cleaned out, it worked for! Structure makes it ideal for use on both vertical and horizontal surfaces leading to fast effective penetration stripping. ’ s List and was so tough to strip…the table that is an dresser... Unknown origin ( not painted ) aisle and debated on which products to strip all those layers off like funky! Floor that was antiqued decades ago see the finished product off a desk that i a! Girl through and through so i ’ m anxious to see your finished product unknown (! Than other strippers get moving on projects i have been putting off idea of taking the paint off smell... Boldly decided to strip the carpet adhesive off hardwood floors not only had adhesive but layers and layers old. Fast effective penetration and stripping one as well address will not be published. * messy. Ideal for indoor use room niche by the back door about painting a vintage piece with paint! Especially in tight areas around ornate speaker grills, etc twenty buckaroos new tab ) cabinet i. React with paint fully dried, the more layers are removed ( up to layers! Bonus tip of adding plastic wrap off worked for you…maybe i ’ be!

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