This entry was posted in general, Legends and tagged Bus, Children Ghosts, Gravity Hill, Moorpark, Train Tracks on November 10, 2011 by Katherine Christian. 15 Reviews. Our next stop for California Friday is Gravity Hill in Sylmar. If you stop at the bottom of the hill here, they say, and put your car in neutral, the car will coast back uphill out of … California Friday: Gravity Hill. Post navigation ← Lindsay Strongin-ghost story 2- Boy Scout Camp Phoenix’s Hotel San Carlos → A gravity hill, also known as a magnetic hill, mystery hill, mystery spot, gravity road, or anti-gravity hill, is a place where the layout of the surrounding land produces an optical illusion, making a slight downhill slope appear to be an uphill slope.Thus, a car left out of gear will appear to be rolling uphill against gravity. Drive in, past the gatehouse, and turn right. Entrance off of Workman Mill Rd. I live in Southern California and there is a "Gravity Hill" in Moorpark. There are hundreds of them around the world, and the physics of them are widely debated.. Posted on May 27, 2016 by socalgovgis - Michael Carson. Finally found gravity hill located on Kagel CanyonThis is like our 10th trip (: Park near the bottom, put your car in neutral, and you will roll up the hill. Since 1949 Confusion Hill has been the home of mystery, fun and family entertainment in the beautiful Northern California Redwoods.In January, 2010, Confusion Hill was recognized as a California State Point of Historical Interest. Electric Brae Gravity Hill Illusion One of the earliest gravity hills discovered after the advent of automobiles, whose effects were blamed on another new invention: electricity. Make the second left and you are on Gravity Hill. This gravity hill is located a few blocks northwest of the Capitol building in Salt Lake City. Also known as gravity hills, these bizarre natural phenomena can be found in places like Confusion Hill in California and Magnetic Hill in Canada, and while they've inspired rumours of witchcraft and giant magnets buried in the countryside, the actual scientific explanation will have you questioning every slope you encounter from here on out.. Some say it’s a mere optical illusion. This is a list of gravity hills and magnetic hills around the world.. A gravity hill is a place where a slight downhill slope appears to be an uphill slope due to the layout of the surrounding land, creating the optical illusion that water flows uphill or that a car left out of gear will roll uphill. There are hundreds of recognised gravity hills around the world. The Gravity Hill Phenomenon. 55.3745, -4.7600 Some of the kids decided to get out and push the bus up the hill but when they did … On a road that leads down into a canyon, supposedly, gravity works against known physics. Follow this road around to the left, along the base of a small hill. 3888 Workman Mill Rd, Whittier, CA Directions: Rose Hills Memorial Park. For those of you that grew up in the San Fernando Valley, you probably remember going to Gravity Hill to experience your car rolling “uphill” without any power. Get directions, reviews and information for Gravity Hill in Sylmar, CA. Menu & Reservations Make Reservations . The story goes that a group of kids were on a school bus going on a field trip when the bus suddenly broke down. Updated 2/10/2020 – Altadena is home to a phenomenon known as a gravity hill. Gravity Hill 12772 Kagel Canyon Rd Sylmar CA 91342.