call me for more info.  Terms of Use “Dolphin Fishing 101” Now that winter is gone and spring has arrived my fishing strategies begin to change. Some of the most popular places where anglers go to catch Mahi Mahi are the Florida Keys, the Atlantic Coast of Florida, Costa Rica, Panama, Hawaii, and Baha California. If you want to know how to catch mahi, you've come to the right place.  Forums They aim to protect and manage fish and wildlife resources for their long-term well-being and the benefit of people. Take your time and work the weed lines and current for Mahi Mahi. Mahi-mahi, otherwise known as Dolphinfish, travel in schools and can be found offshore but often wander closer to the shore in the summer—making them a popular inshore fishing target—during the summer months by both beginner and experienced fishermen. Islamorada - Saltwater Fishing Report. Estimated Price: $13. Finally, troll in the rip currents.  Survey Popular with anglers looking for Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) fishing charters in Florida Keys His boat is a 50’ Hatteras saltwater fishing boat that can take up to 6 anglers fishing at the same time. If you can get your bait in front or near these Mahi it is almost always a hook-up. Some common types of bait used to catch mahi-mahi are diced ballyhoo, live shrimp, squid and sardines. The birds are after the bait fish that feed in debris filled areas. Here in Stuart, Florida Fishing Charter, Mahi-Mahi are prolific to the waters here particularly in the St. Lucie Inlet in Stuart, Florida during the months of November through June. Just make sure to leave a Mahi in the water at all times while you catch the others. When Florida Keys offshore fishing, an easy way to spot mahi mahi, is to watch for frigate birds circling and diving to the water's surface. “Mahi are usually feeding into the current, moving south slowly,” Navarro says of the northward Gulf Stream current off the upper Keys. (source: Wikipedia). 305-240-1411 [email protected] On the first day of grouper season, we had 3 nice black groupers (deemed the best for eating by most), just 1 short of the daily limit. Book an offshore charter with Bud N Mary's Marina in Islamorada, FL. Please Call:305-664-5020, Sea Horse Deep Sea Sport Fishing Some of the best ways to find the shallow water Mahi are to look for the bait fish jumping out of the water. Fish moving faster than you can catch at trolling … The larger the fish, the larger the bait they’ll grab. Forecast: Lots of Mahi still in the area. Bigger Yellow tail, Muttons, and Grey Snapper are becoming easer to catch on the edge of the reef. The Hawks Cay Marina has seven offshore boats that will take anglers out beyond the reef for mahi mahi, grouper, blackfin tuna and big game fishing. These rules are governed and implemented by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. All the mahi you want. Each angler is allowed to keep 10 but no more than 60 per vessel per day. Sailfish will chase these baitfish in a similar manner with the exception of the bait will continuously roll out of the water for a long distance. You’ll find the 409 Hump at 24 35.853′ N/80 35.459′ W, near both Islamorada and Marathon Keys. The Mahi will rapidly swim under a school of bait fish and chase them to the surface. 305-664-5020 If you catch a jack or another fish, just leave it hooked up in the water. If you know there is a Sailfish in the area try to chum the Sailfish up with live pilchards. Because of this, we often get asked what are the best months to catch large quantities of Dolphinfish. Drag them about 100 yards behind the boat extra slowly through areas that are known to have blackfin tuna, such as the Humps near Islamorada. When we say. Fun - Great for Vacations and corporate charters. Mahi-mahi can be caught using light tackle and trolling with natural baits, as well as chumming with hooked bait in hopes of hooking multiple fish. C and H Little Stubby.  Web Development. Fishing Report for Sept. 20 (Islamorada, FL): Today we fished a half day. You will also need a "Pitch Bait Rod" Penn 650SSm or 750SSG rigged on a Billfisher 12-20 or 12-25Lb rod lined with 20lb monofilament. Again, we start by catching live bait at the reef, then head out to one of The Humps, the undersea mountains in the Atlantic of Islamorada. Marlins are fast, athletic, and they can be extremely huge. Fishing Reports Baits? High season is May to August. Goldmakrele (Mahi Mahi) fishing in Islamorada varies moderately throughout the year. Your best bet is to present live bait that closely resembles what they are chasing.  Feedback If this is the case you’re in a good spot.  Fly Fishing Captain Rick is dedicated to making your trip a memorable fish catching experience. These Sailfish cooperate most of the time when you get a live bait close to them. And life is good in the Florida Keys; life is very good in the Florida Keys. They are like a swimming “mood ring”. Mahi are voracious eaters that can eat up to 20% of their body weight in one single day! We refer to this feeding behavior as spraying. To set your trap, take a portion of bait fish and run a 4/0 to 6/0 live bait style hook through the middle. You’ll want to grab a rod and reel combination well-suited for a 30-pound fused line. These Mahi are ferocious eating just about any type of bait you through in front of them. We caught 32 Mahi Mahi and that Zach, the mate, was excellent in his instructions and assistance. The season ends December 31st. When you notice the fish attacking your chum toss a pilchard out there with a hook in it on and watch what happens. Many Kingfish, and Sailfish have been caught slow trolling with live Ballyhoo on 20 pound spinning tackle. Deep Sea Sport Fishing the Florida Keys in the Gulf Stream and area reefs aboard the Sea Horse with Captain Rick at Whale Harbor mile marker 83.5 Browse Photo Gallery Spraying bait is an exciting way to identify where a sailfish is feeding. In this area, the minimum size limit for mahi is 20” fork length (the fish as measured from the tip of the jaw or tip of the snout with closed mouth to the center of the fork in the tail).  Guides & Charters Full-day Offshore Charter offered is 8+ hours, hunting Mahi-Mahi offshore. Even in the off-season, dolphin fish are an excellent offshore fishing target.  Articles Short, blistering runs can end with a deep dive, then the fish stubbornly turning on its side and refusing to come up. Trolling currents can be an effective way to catch Mahi Mahi.  Tournaments She is powered by twin Cummins 450 HP engines and is licensed for up to 6 guests per trip. You will notice bait fish flying out of the water swimming for their lives. When I set forth to target them, the following 10 dolphin fishing rigs rank among my most potent dolphin catchers. Phone: 305-664-5020 To catch these mahi, put a whole squid or live bait on your spinning rod, pull up to the debris, drop the bait in, and just let it sink on its own and drift with the debris. In order for a Mahi to be legal for harvest, it must measure 20” to the fork of the tail. Mahi will eat live bait and cut bait, they usually are not too picky. First, you can troll weedlines for Mahi Mahi. The C and H Little Stubby is 5-1/2 inches and weighs 2 … The biggest fish are usually caught off northeast Florida, my personal favorite place to target pelagic species in the spring and fall. You can read the guidelines here. From your boat’s tower, it should be easy to spot them. But, you don’t have to worry about this. We found a few ‪mahi‬ on the way out. Mostly Mahi, Kingfish, and Sailfish are right behind the bait fish that are migrating south for the winter. From the sand to 250 feet of water many fish are moving down the edge of the reef. It's a … We know where to find the fish. Mahi Mahi) filets. Some of the most popular places where anglers go to catch Mahi Mahi are the Florida Keys, the Atlantic Coast of Florida, Costa Rica, Panama, Hawaii, and Baja, California. These will be used for trolling. Our captain at Hate 2 Lose Sport Fishing Charters has more than 30 years of experience fishing the Atlantic coast, the Florida Keys and the Bahamas.  Find-a-Guide The Tailwalker and the Final Final are full-cabin, air-conditioned sportfishing boats that can accommodate parties of six. When it comes to recreational fishing, you can expect Florida to have one of the strictest rules. They are found throughout the tropic regions of the world.  Photo Gallery If the weedline is defined you will get caught up on way less Sargassum and you will not have to reset your spread as often. “That was fun.  Books Sometimes, Mahi Mahi can be found under floating structures and you won’t necessarily see them right away. These fish will probably continue to swim their way down the edge of the reef until the water becomes too cold. Email the Captain More specifically, they will typically be found in waters with the temperatures between 20°C/68°F and 28°C/83 °F. Stuart, Florida is the destination for Charter Fishing boats specializing in game fish, such as swordfish, blue Marlin, wahoo, dolphin (mahi-mahi), yellowfin tuna, Sailfish, and more. You just have to enjoy the Stuart, Florida Charter Boat Excursion and cherish the experience. 1/2 Day, All Day and Extended Trips [Page Updated – 18 October 2020.Bookmark this page (Windows CNTRL+D, MAC CMD+D) so you don’t lose it.] Mahi Mahi is a surface-dwelling ray-finned fish found in off-shore temperate, tropical, and subtropical waters worldwide. How to Catch Mahi Mahi. They are one of the most colorful, hard fighting, cooperative and sought after species throughout the Keys. Call 305-664-2641 On the way we troll a simple spread for that “out of the blue” bite, all the while looking for diving birds or floating debris. Call us now at 561-818-6856 or 231-670-9873 to book your Charter Boat Trips on Hate 2 Lose Fishing Charters today or book here at for only $200.