Multigenerational Home Builders & Designs

Multigenerational homes are homes that cater for two or more generations living under a single roof.

In Australia, over four million people already live in a Multigenerational home, which accounts for a massive one in five of all Australians.

When a home is large enough and is designed by a professional in a way that takes into account all of your family’s needs and requirements, multigenerational living can be a mutually beneficial arrangement with many advantages:

  • Shared Mortgage
  • Shared Bills
  • Shared maintenance and yard care costs
  • Grandparents are able to spend more time and look after their grandchildren while the parents are at work
  • Elderly parents can be cared for easily while still keeping their independence

If multigenerational living sounds like a good arrangement for your family, then you might like to consider either extending your current family home to accommodate the other members of your family in a way that creates a separate living area OR building a custom new home that has been specifically designed to suit your family’s needs and requirements.