When Can You Start? And When Will You Finish?

This is a common question. XL Building has an exceptional reputation and therefore we are in high demand.
Our advice is, the sooner you begin the PROCESS the sooner you’ll have a new home. XL Building only deals with up to 30 clients per year. Ultimately, that buys you exclusivity - giving you personal service, exceptional value for money and the attention needed to complete your job on time.

Dealing with a set number of clients per year allows us to regulate our procedures and ensure each and every home is given the same attention to detail, with clients generally moving in early.

Every one of our projects is unique and it is essential that we create a custom project schedule prior to commencing each and every one of our jobs. You will know exactly what you are getting before construction begins to eliminate unexpected surprises.

Some builders may start quickly, but the build time is extended due to needing additional information, variations to the contract or lack of key systems, costing clients thousands more in additions, repayments and time! We take care of the entire process and allow sufficient time to complete your project to the high standard you deserve.

Every one of our projects is unique, and factors such as the size and complexity of your project will have a large bearing on the time required to complete your home to a high standard. Generally, for new homes, we expect to achieve the following time frames:
  • Concept design and pricing proposal - 6 to 10 weeks
  • Design Documentation - 4 to 6 months
  • Construction - 7 to 12 months

Town Planning is needed for some jobs and will require extra time. Each council is different and therefore it is difficult to provide a timeframe. However, our designers are experienced with the various Council requirements around Melbourne and along with our Town Planning Professional are able to provide the necessary Town Planning drawings and accelerate the issuing of a permit.