Custom Home Designs Melbourne
We want to help you improve your family’s lifestyle and happiness here in Melbourne.

We listen to your needs and then guide you through the entire building process to deliver your dream family home.

A Custom home is a home design tailored to your needs and wants. Choosing custom ensure that you are able to influence the design in a way that truly reflects your family & lifestyle and creates your very own unique and exclusive home. There are many benefits that a custom home builder can offer you and your family, including the following:

“A home design tailored perfectly to fit your Family and your Budget”

The ability to Design & Build a home that is truly “yours.”

You want a home that evokes a sigh of relief when you get home from work.

Building your dream family home from the dirt up is the major benefit of building a custom home and the experience is incredibly rewarding. Everything used in the construction of your custom new home has been incorporated for a reason – the emotional value of having a custom built home is insurmountable. Creating your custom home to fit your family, your needs, your lifestyle are all really great reasons to invest in the property for your custom home.

Energy Efficiency.

An energy efficient home means you save money on your bills whilst looking after the environment.

Double glazed windows, better insulation options, passive solar, a design that utilizes your block’s orientation and more, all contribute to the benefits of having a custom built home.

Low Maintenance.

Take back your weekends and save money.

If comparing buying an older existing home to a custom new home, be sure to take into account maintenance cost. Older existing homes require constant care and maintenance. Beware of newly renovated homes that appear on the market. Renovations prior to selling are often done with the intention to mask problems in order to reach a higher sale price. Custom new homes on the other hand, are virtually maintenance free for many years saving you valuable time and money.

Competitive Pricing.

A tailored home design that fits your budget!

A major misconception about custom new home is that they are expensive. The truth is that custom new homes represent real value for money and homes can be designed to accommodate most any budget. It also allows for complete transparency as you the home owners are making all the choices.

Building a custom new home not only caters to your needs and lifestyle but also to your budget.


The choice is yours!

Want a home theater, gym or even an indoor pool? Do you work from home and need a large quiet office space? Anything is possible when you undertake a custom new home.

When designing your own home you have complete control – from the planning phase to the style of taps used in the ensuite. Having a say in what construction materials, fixtures and fittings are used means that you can influence the overall standard of the build.

New Home Warranties.

Peace of mind

Your custom new home is guaranteed to be free of structural defects for a full 6 years! In most cases, new appliances are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty period can be up to 15 years on major appliances.